Empire Hook & Ladder Fire Company

The Empire Hook and Ladder Fire Company was organized February 21, 1859 under the name of Pioneer, and nicknamed the Hivers. Their first truck, which they made themselves, was composed of two wagon wheels, with an axle and a board on which they laid two ladders ran with this as the first hook and ladder truck. A new ladder was delivered May 21, 1859 at a cost of  $390.00 This truck is still in the companies possession and is known as “Ol Sis” It is currently on display in the CFRS Museum. The Hookies purchased their first horse-drawn aerial ladder in 1894.

A motor driven American LaFrance truck was purchased in 1923 for $14,700.00. The popular American LaFrance Model 31 used a 4 cylinder engine to pull the 65 ft tiller. It carried the serial number 4242. This ended the era of the horse drawn fire department in Carlisle Borough. The Model 31 remained in service until 1954. On January 11, 1954 and new American LaFrance Open Cab Aerial was placed into service at a cost of $30.295.

On February 6, 1979 a new 100ft Sutphen Aerial Platform was delivered to the borough. Originally delivered with its all white paint scheme it was later modified to red with white trim. The cost of this unit was $204,000.00. In July 1998 a new E-One 95ft Aerial Platform was placed into service.