Firemen’s Memorial Statue

Erected in December of 1908, the Firemen’s Memorial statue was a donation to the Borough of Carlisle by Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Livingston Sr. Mr. Livingston was a tobacco retailer with his business being located on North Hanover Street. Mr. and Mrs. Livingston saw the need for a much larger fountain to replace the current one at the Market House and went to the Borough Council meeting in September of 1908. They wished to donate the fountain in memory of their deceased daughter Mrs. Regina Livingston Hitchens who had died of natural causes in 1901.

The cost of the memorial was $1,800.00 plus another $1,200.00 to erect it. It was made by the J.T. Mott Iron Works of New York and was erected by the A.T. Shupe Marble and Granite Dealer. The Fountain was to be dedicated as part of Old Home Week in Carlisle in October 1909, however Mrs. Livingston passed away in early 1909 and Sunday October 3, 1909 Mr. Livingston passed away just weeks before the official dedication to the Borough. Old Home Week in 1909 was a huge event for the Cumberland Fire Co. as they were celebrating a century of service.

The Firemen’s Memorial was placed in front of the Courthouse in December 1908 and stayed there until sometime in the late 1920’s when road improvements forced the Borough of Carlisle to move the statue. The fountain was destined for the scrap pile at the borough dump until the Cumberland Fire Company, then on East Louther Street came forward with the desire to move it there. The statue was moved to the curb close to the Cumberland Fire Company and still held water for a number of years.

It was later moved beside the Fire Company after the Cumberland Fire Company obtained some property from the school. When the Cumberland Fire Company and the Good Will Fire Company merged in 1984, the Firemen’s Memorial was moved to its their station at 102 West Ridge Street. Prior to this move, it held flowers in the watering troughs.

In the year of 2000 the statue was sent out to be restored. The restoration was very successful, and it looks like it did in the early 1900’s. We would like to thank everyone that supported us with this project to bring back something that means a lot to the Borough of Carlisle and to others that follow history in the fire service.

Carlisle Fire & Rescue Services has designated a committee led by Vice President Jake Baker to plan for a new home for the Firemen’s Memorial Statue on Spring Rd. Please watch for it in the spring of 2010.