1916 Ahrens Fox K 3

Model K-3 piston pumper and hose car with 40-gallon chemical tank. Ahrens-Fox chassis, 156” wheelbase, top speed 30 miles per hour. 4 cylinder Ahrens-Fox T-head motor #217, 5-7/8″ x 7″, 55.22 ALAM horsepower, 80 brake horsepower,. 20″ cone clutch. Ahrens-Fox transmission, 3 speeds forward and reserve. 40-gallon gasoline tank. Tires 5″ single front, 4″ dual rear, 66″ tread. 20″ steering wheel. 700 GPM Ahrens-Fox front-mount piston pump, 4-3/8″ x 6″ major (1.515 gallons per revolution), 3-3/4″ x 6” minor side (1.101 GPR). Gear ratio, engine to pump, 56-15 (3.73 to 1). Hose bed capacity 1250’ of 2-1/2” hose. Equipped with 12″ bell, 20’ rapid-hoist extension ladder, and 12’ single roof ladder with folding hooks.  Hood lettered FRIENDSHIP No 5 (top side panel, sans serif) C.F.D. (bottom side panel, serif). Bell and hand-cranked siren atop dashboard. Single suction inlet. Tank across front of hose bed, reel in tail step.

The rig was sold by Mr. J. A. Prescott of Philadelphia.  The purchase price was $10,000.  In 2007, this would equate to $202,637. Delivery was April 1st, 1916.  The Ahrens-Fox was traded for $990 as partial payment for the 1935 Hahn pumper to Hahn Motors in Hamburg, PA on November 14th, 1935.

Photos courtesy of Cumberland County Historical Society