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General Information and Capabilities
The Cumberland County (PA) Technical Rescue Operations Team (Company 500) is a county based technical rescue team comprised of the following participating agencies:

  • Northeast Fire & Rescue, Enola (Company 20)
  • Citizens Fire Company, Mechanicsburg (Company 27)
  • Washington Fire Company, Mechanicsburg (Company 28)
  • Hampden Township Volunteer Fire Company, Mechanicsburg (Company 30)
  • Carlisle Fire & Rescue Services, Carlisle (Company 45)
  • West End Fire and Rescue, Shippensburg (Franklin County Company 15)
  • West Shore Emergency Medical Services (Company 80)

The team is capable of regional response within South-Central PA, and is trained, equipped and capable of conducting operations and technician level rescue activities (as outlined in NFPA 1670) in the following disciplines:

  • Trench/Excavation Collapse and Emergencies
  • Building Collapse or Instability
  • Rope/High Angle Incidents
  • Confined Space Emergencies

When requested, the team functions under the authority of the Local Incident Commander or Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to provide information, guidance and support of specialized rescue operations. The team utilizes the following organizational and operational structure when deployed:

Company 500 is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can be requested directly through the Cumberland County Office of Emergency Preparedness by any Local Incident Commander responding to, or operating on the scene of an incident where it is believed that the capabilities of the team may be of benefit. Personnel requesting the team via radio should specifically request Company 500 and specify the level of request (i.e. advisory, technical assistance, stand-by or response/activation).

The team can also be placed on automatic response for technical rescue incidents by indicating Company 500 on box card assignments for rescue incidents involving any of the incident types listed above.
For incidents occurring outside of Cumberland County the team can be requested by calling Cumberland County Fire Headquarters at the following number: (717) 238-9676

Technical Assistance: An incident has occurred and the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) is requesting technical advice and direction with regard to mitigating the incident. A Team Leader will be notified and will contact the AHJ Incident Commander to provide advice and/or further direction.
Advisory: An event is anticipated where the services of the team may be needed or an active incident has been dispatched, but no formal request has been made for the team on behalf of the AHJ. Team members are alerted and made aware of situation as a precaution. Examples include reports of specialized rescue incidents requiring dispatch of First Response agencies, forecasted severe weather events (tornados, hurricanes, etc.), special security events, and events within the region that require activation of other regional rescue resources or teams.
Stand-By: An incident has been identified and a formal request for stand-by has been received. Team members ready their personal equipment and report to their respective stations for a possible response.
Response/Activation: A formal request has been made for the team to respond to an incident for support of rescue operations. Personnel respond to their respective stations to respond with apparatus or respond to the scene directly.

Information to Provide
Requesting agencies should provide as much information as possible in order to assure an appropriate and timely response. Basic information that should be included is as follows:

  1. Nature of the incident
  2. Exact location of the incident
  3. Rescue or body recovery
  4. Number of victims/patients
  5. Any special resource needs (personnel, equipment, etc.)
  6. Contact information for requesting agency (contact frequency, cell phone number, etc.)



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