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The CFRS Water Rescue Team, located at Station 45, was formed to provide the means necessary to safely rescue citizens who have been trapped or injured in the surrounding waterways. We serve the Carlisle area and 6 townships. We also assist departments in Franklin County, Adams, and York County. The Carlisle Fire & Rescue Services Water Rescue Team averages 10 to 15 responses a year. These calls are for both surface rescues and dive rescues.

The Water Rescue program has expanded considerably since its inception in 1981.Since 1981 the team has trained in Swift Water, Still Water & Ice with surface rescue capabilities. We also have 6 SCUBA Divers and plan on getting more certified in the near feature. We will respond any where and assist your department with any type of water call you may have.

All Water Rescue Team members are trained to the minimum standard of Swift Water, Boating, and Ice Rescues. The Team currently has around 20 members on the team. Most of our water training takes place in the Yellow Breeches and Susquehanna River in the Harrisburg Area, which is just 20 minutes from our station. The Team takes frequent training trips to this river and has spent numerous hours on the water. A full compliment of swift , ice, and dive water equipment is available including; ropes, hardware, an two inflatable boats with  (2) 25-horse power motor,(1) 55-horse motor, as well as one 16 foot aluminum boat with 40-horse power motor, PFDs, and much more which you can see on the last page.

The Water Rescue Team is staffed 24 hours a day with as many up to 10-person crew. We have two support vehicles. Between the two support vehicle they have all the equipment in. Please take a look at our equipment we have listed on Page 2

The Carlisle Fire & Rescue Services Water Team is committed to improving their ability to serve the citizens of our first due area and any other county that may need assistants. If you would like to become part of our team you may contact the Carlisle Fire & Rescue Services Water Rescue Team at 717-243-2125 and ask for John Heberlig or Email him at

These images were taken during our Advance Line Systems Rescue Class September 20 – 22 2013 with 7 of our members in attendance.



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