At 07:04, Engine Companies 41, 50, Rescue 45, Rescue 47, and Tanker 41 were dispatched to Interstate 81 for a vehicle fire and pedestrian struck as a result of an auto accident. Headquarters advised that there was a tractor trailer on fire further up the interstate while the pedestrian struck was still at the original location of the auto accident. Engine Company 41 arrived on scene and informed responding units that the fire has enveloped the cab and was beginning to extend to the trailer. Company 41 immediately launched extinguishment efforts while other crews ensured patients received proper medical attention. As extinguishment continued, crews were informed that the trailer was empty and Rescue 45 worked to contain a fuel leak. Meanwhile, traffic units shut down northbound lanes to ensure crews had a safe area to work and the public was protected from all present and potential hazards. Crews began to run out of water and tankers were having difficulties making their way to the scene through the northbound lanes. Engine 239, which was previously enroute to Company 50’s quarters for a transfer, was called to the scene because of its large water tank and was advised to make its way to the scene going southbound in northbound lanes. Soon thereafter, Tanker 50 arrived on scene and supplied crews with enough water to continue their attack. At approximately 07:47, crews transitioned their focus from the cab to the trailer where they attempted to make entry. Their efforts were successful as they were able to make entry to the trailer just 6 minutes later. Crews encountered some issues with extinguishment because of the refrigeration unit on the trailer and the ongoing fuel leak. Additional resources arrived to assist with the fuel leak and help reduce hazards on scene. The scene wrapped up at 09:15 when the box was placed available and the scene was handed over to PennDOT.