At 09:52, Engine Companies 41, 45, and Truck 45 were dispatched to E High St for an automatic fire alarm. Within minutes of the initial dispatch, the working fire dispatch was given after CPD arrived on the scene with smoke coming from the building. This dispatch added Engine Companies 38, 39; Truck 36; RIT 33; and Air 45.

Company 45 assisted Engine 141 in establishing a water supply and supplied manpower to assist with primary searches and fire attack. Engine 38 positioned on the Charlie Side, eventually sending their manpower to assist with primary searches and fire attack.  Company 39 transported a second hand line to the fourth division before assisting with primary searches. Truck 36 assisted with roof access and ventilation alongside Truck 45. After fire attack had the bulk of the fire knocked down, Truck 45 broke out the windows of the apartment to help reduce the conditions within the residence.

After overhaul, clean up, and a short debrief, Command reduced the box to borough units. Engine 245 returned available at 12:17 with Air 45 returning available 15 minutes later. Truck 45 remained on scene for an additional 40 minutes while fire investigations wrapped up their analysis of the scene.

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