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Our Membership

Carlisle Fire and Rescue Services offers three levels of membership.

Firefighting Personnel – Firefighting Personnel are 18 years of age and respond to emergency incidents, participate in company activities, and assist with fundraising events.

Junior Members – Junior Members are between the ages of 14 and 17 years old and participate in exterior operations on emergency incidents, contribute to company activities, and assist with fundraising events all while complying with the Pennsylvania Child Labor Laws.

Social Members – Social Members are dedicated individuals that work to support the company through fundraising events, public relations, and various other company activities.

To become a member, one should start by filling out an application. From there, Applicants will go through the membership process which includes an interview. Applicants that are accepted into the company will enter a 6-month probationary period. After those 6 months conclude, Probationary Members will be considered for full membership at the following company meeting. Their acceptance shall be decided through a vote that is based off of their performance over the previous 6 months.

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Company Leaders

Carlisle Fire and Rescue Services is led by an array of highly talented and skilled individuals that are committed to ensuring CFRS is always at its best and is capable of providing the best service to Carlisle Borough and the surrounding communities.

President – Maurita Abeln ( mabeln@cfrs45.com )

Vice President – Robert Wertz

Treasurer – Trema Bender

Secretary – Ally Ryan

Membership Director – Bob Kauffman

Member at Large – Andrew Lorenz


Fire Chief РDan Grimes  (dgrimes@cfrs45.com)

Deputy Chief – Brandon Yarlett

Assistant Chief – Sean Ryan

Captain – Billy Sellers

Lieutenant – Vacant

Lieutenant – Vacant


Our History

Carlisle Fire and Rescue Services was formed when four Carlisle fire companies merged into one. This took place over three merges and several years. Though these companies combined into one, we refuse to forget the history of each individual company. You can read more about this below or stop by the station to visit our museum.

The Cumberland Fire Company and the Goodwill Fire Company merged on April 1st, 1984. The Cumberland Fire Company was challenged by a lack of space to expand and their close proximity to the Union station while the Goodwill was troubled by financial issues. The members of the Cumberland and Goodwill Fire Companies pulled together to create an exemplary company offering a broad range of fire, rescue, and EMS services to the community. The Cumberland Fire Company’s old station can be found at 121 E Louther Street. To see photos of the Cumberland Fire Company, click here!
Friendship Fire Company was formed on March 14, 1911, with the company’s station being completed in January of 1912 and later dedicated on November 30th, 1912. The Friendship Fire Company adopted an old, discarded hook and ladder truck as their first piece of apparatus before adding a motorized chemical and hose wagon to their fleet on October 28th, 1913. The company occupied its station at 636 N West Street for approximately 84 years before moving into its current station in April 1996. To see photos, click here!
The Empire Hook and Ladder Fire Company was organized on February 21, 1859. The company’s first truck, made by its own members, was composed of two wagon wheels, an axle, and a board on which they laid two ladders. A new ladder truck was delivered May 21, 1959 at a cost of $390.00. This truck is still in the company’s possession and is known as “Ol Sis”, which can be found in the CFRS Museum.¬† The Empire’s old station can be found at 38 W Pomfret St. To see photos, click here!
The Goodwill Fire Company was formed on May 4th, 1855, and held its first meeting in its own station on February 28th, 1857. The company progressed and communicated through frequent meetings, which were hindered during the Civil War years since many members served in the Union Army. The company continued to develop and eventually moved into a 2-bay fire station located at 102 W Ridge Street in 1966. This station was expanded to 4 bays in 1980 where it would later house both the Cumberland and Goodwill Fire Companies following their merge. To see photos, click here!
Description Here. To see photos, click here!
Description Here. To see photos, click here!
The Empire Hook and Ladder Company and Friendship Fire Company formed the Empire Friendship Firefighters Association on January 15th, 1992 when both companies moved into their current station at 177 Carlisle Springs Road. The purpose of this unification was to build and maintain a joint fire station to be utilized by the Empire and Friendship Fire Companies since both companies’ stations were cramped and inefficient for operations of the modern fire service. A study in 2005 recommended that the separate Empire and Friendship Companies consolidate their operations under the Empire Friendship organization. This process was facilitated by the Borough of Carlisle and the merge was completed on July 2nd, 2006.

Contact Us:

Phone: (717) 243-2124
Fax: (717) 243-9144
Address: 177 Carlisle Springs Road, Carlisle, Pennsylvania; 17013